How do I prepare for my first boudoir photoshoot?

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Getting ready for your first boudoir photoshoot? To start, please feel free to roam about our Galleries section to get an idea of how Beauty Exposed can reveal your most stunning and sensual self. It’s not about having model good looks or the skinniest figure, but about embracing your inner goddess and exposing your true sexy, feminine self.

Following is some advice that will help you find the best, most gorgeous look for your photoshoot:

Take a moment to visualise the ideal clothing and accessories for your perfect photo shoot. Don’t be afraid to get some inspiration from fashion magazines, or celebrity shoots to explore your tastes and favourite styles.

Go on an excavation mission in your own wardrobe, to pick out and match your favourite pieces that suit you and your figure the best. Ask a fashionable and helpful friend of yours for a second opinion, and make a day out of finding glamourous and flattering, yet comfortable outfits that will help you look gorgeous.

You can choose between every possible look you might like. Sensual revealing underwear that enhance your body’s best parts, or a simple yet sexy oversized shirt than leaves much to the imagination. Make your choices and be yourself!

Make your shoot as personalised as you can. Have your photographs taken with something of personal value to you or your other half. From your favourite T-shirt that you’ve had since forever, to the sexy lingerie that you wore on the night of your first anniversary, the necklace that your partner gifted you, or a ring you love. All these items will give your photographs that personalised statement that you want and even make you feel more comfortable during the shoot.

One Week Prior to Your Shoot


 Do not wax immediately before the shoot, in case some redness or marks are visible.

Don’t forget to have your eyebrows shaped and groomed, if needed.

Allow some time between the shoot and getting a new haircut or hair colour, to make sure you are satisfied with the changes.

Give special attention to your finger and toe nails, to give a beautiful, immaculate quality to your photos.

Don’t overdo it with the sun. A nice tanned complexion will look good in the photos but red, burnt skin won’t.

Leave the spray tan for other occasions. Uneven skin-tone spots do not look good in pictures.

Hydrate effectively to have healthy-looking, shiny skin.

Try to maintain a healthy diet of less salt and alcohol to feel beautiful and healthy, as well as avoid water retention.

Have trial runs with your designated outfits to make sure everything fits and looks as expected. Don’t forget to iron clothes that require it and remove all labels and tags from newly purchased pieces.

The Day Before


Have a refreshing bath, shave carefully, and moisturise effectively, along with completing your chosen beauty routine.

Check again for any labels, tags, etc that will be visible in your clothing, and remove anything that can ruin your photographs.

Make sure all your things are ready and securely packed for your shoot: shoes, underwear, clothing, accessories.

Plan thoroughly and organise your journey to the studio, in order to have enough time to get there without having to hurry. Be prepared for any bad-weather accidents or unexpected hiccups. Be at the studio ideally half an hour earlier to relax and feel comfortable before starting.

Have a calm, relaxing evening.

Get a good night’s sleep, ideally eight hours.


Big Day is Here


 Make sure you use invisible deodorant to avoid marks and stains on your clothes.

Don’t wear tight clothes before your shoot to avoid redness and ugly elastic band marks on your skin. Preferably wear a comfortable lose dress, and stir away from tight jeans, or tight socks.

Before leaving the house, chose to eat something that will make you feel energised and full, but that is light and won’t make you feel bloated.

Take special care of your face and hair. Have a clean moisturised head and face that will look healthy and pretty in the photos.

Don’t forget to plan car parking in advance, so as to not lose precious time before your shoot.

Last but not least: Relax. It’s expected to be a little stressed, but remember you’re in good hands and have nothing to worry about. You can ask for anything you might need and we’ll be there to tell you exactly how you need to pose and what you need to do to have the perfect results. Take a deep breath and enjoy this amazing experience!

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